Pension Options:

Whether participating in the Florida Retirement System or a city pension plan, I can help you in determining an appropriate pension option.

Investment Planning Services:

As an independent financial advisor working with The Legend Group, through Lincoln Investment I have access to over 100 insurance companies and 300 mutual fund families. Whether you are looking for guaranteed income or applying an asset allocation advisory service, I can help you build and select the investment strategy that's best suited for your objectives.

Life Insurance:

I can help you decide which type of insurance fits your needs.  This can include lifelong protection with a whole life policy or the more affordable term insurance.


By working together, we can decipher the often conflicting and confusing financial news that bombards the television airwaves, Internet, and newspapers today.  I will provide a detailed overview on how different products work; along with the downside and upside potential of each.   What may be good for your neighbor or co-worker may not be the best for you.  By highlighting different investment strategies, we can make an educated decision about your future.

Any information being provided is not approved or endorsed by The Florida Retirement System (FRS).